The Operational Planning Team
Josh Powers

Some other pointers:

- Before any due outs or suspenses are put out, the short and long range calendar should be displayed.

- Think critically about who needs to be part of the OPT. It is common to default to “one action officer from each staff section/directorate.” Often, an OPT requires little or no input from multiple sections/directorates. People have enough other unnecessary meetings to deal with.

- After establishing the OPT, think critically about who needs to attend each meeting. At the first meeting, all members need to be there. When mission analysis occurs, everyone needs to be there. But if one meeting is only going to cover logistics, don’t waste the time of the JAG, PAO, and Chaplain. They have very few personnel and they’re being stretched thin by having to attend your meeting. If you’re only discussing contract requirements and funding, maybe leave out the 1, 2, 5, 7, and 9.

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