This ‘Wild West’ industry could be facing some law and order

Credit: yavdat/Getty Images

Scientists are gaining a better understanding of why, no matter the severity, many residents won’t heed orders to evacuate

WILMINGTON, NC — September 13, 2018: Elizabeth Claire Toomer floats while swimming with friends in the Intracoastal Waterway as Hurricane Florence approached the area. Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty

How one Kenyan farmer went from ‘nothing’ to the envy of the neighborhood

Purity Gacaga’s small dairy farm in Embu, Kenya, is a model of climate change adaptation. All photos by Tim McDonnell.

My surreal experience of Donald Trump’s election, far away from America

A kid naps in a “video store,” while news of Trump’s win comes in on the TV, courtesy of solar power. (Tim McDonnell)

Some of the event’s sponsors might be part of the problem, not the solution.

Corporate sponsorship logos at the entrance to the Paris climate summit. Courtesy Jesse Bragg

President Obama and dozens of other world leaders reportedly plan to attend the Paris negotiations.

Security was heightened across Paris following Friday’s deadly attacks. A major international climate summit is due to start there in two weeks. Peter Dejong/AP

California’s epic wildfire season has our fingerprints all over it.

Kari Greer/ZUMA, edward stojakovic/Flickr, Ameer Alhalbi/ZUMA

Tim McDonnell

Journalist & Nat Geo Explorer covering climate change, politics, business, food, science, energy, and culture in U.S. and Africa.

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