Welcome To The Lunch Table: All Your Questions Answered…

History of The Lunch Table

Welcome To The Lunch Table!

This is a virtual space that represents an idea I have had for some time.

The concept behind The Lunch Table is simple. People today often cannot solve their differences because we lack quality examples of individuals actually engaging in discussions that aren’t designed to incite fighting.

Consider any time you’ve seen a major media network bring on a panel of “analysts” to discuss an issue. Nothing gets discussed and it ends with no one being any more informed about an issue than they were before.

The idea for The Lunch Table is to have a diverse group of people, each representing different walks of life, sit down, discuss major issues, with the intent of actually sharing and engaging with each other. Of course all of this occurring, very literally, over lunch.

Ultimately, the idea would be to film these interactions and present it through some media format (TV, Videocast, YouTube, etc.)

The overarching goal would be to try to start a movement where other people would host their own Lunch Table events. Essentially, once a month, or more, a coordinator for some local area could set it up and host their own Lunch Table “meet-ups.”

All based on the same format as the media program. Individuals who were interested in meeting different people, hearing diverse views, and engaging in intelligent conversation. Oh and of course over lunch.

The idea of incorporating lunch is simple. People eat… nothing further.

Just kidding…

The idea of people gaining a sense of comrade over a meal is something that goes back as far as all of recorded human history. Additionally, lunch is a very non-threatening meal. Unlike dinner, lunch represents a brief finite break or halfway point in one’s day. It’s easier to get strangers to come together for lunch, because the benefit of “I’ve got to go back to work now” is an attractive safety net to have.

Personally, I think something like this could really be awesome and honestly I think it is very much needed right now. However, until someone random angelic person comes along that has the resources, know-how, and same belief that something like this could be valuable… alas, The Lunch Table in all of its glory remains a dream.

The Lunch Table Facebook Group

However, that hasn’t stopped me from forming this Lunch Table Facebook Group. Without any further ado here is the deal with The Lunch Table Facebook Group:

· This is a Secret Facebook Group. Only members of the group can see post within the group or even know the group exist.

· Everyone who has been invited to join this Facebook group has been specifically selected by me. Each of you have demonstrated, either through my public page or in my personal life, that you are individuals who bring value to this world. You are thoughtful and offer intelligent, diverse, and unique perspectives. Most importantly you are people who desire to try to make a difference in this world.

· Everyone has the ability and is encouraged to make post on the group page and contribute to discussions. Because the group is a private and secret group, it allows us all to more freely discuss things without having to worry about trolls or even unwarranted judgement.

· Ultimately, the object of this page is to discuss important issues and see how we might be able to solve problems through our differing views and perspectives. Don’t be afraid to bring up an issue that is important to you that you would like to discuss. Additionally, don’t be shocked when I come to The Lunch Table asking for advice or perspectives on issues before I discuss them on my public page.

· Remember, you are all handpicked by me for your diverse or unique perspectives. That doesn’t mean we are always going to agree and assuredly we won’t all have the same point of view. However, always keep in mind this is a group rooted on constructive discussion for positive results. Be respectful to each other and even if you flat out disagree with what someone has said, try to LISTEN to what their saying. Trying to at least understand what experiences they’ve had that formed their opinion. We don’t always have to get along, but we should be able to respect each other.

· Everything doesn’t have to be serious. If you want to post a funny cat video. Post a funny cat video.

The 36 Righteous Ones

There are only 36 members of the Facebook Lunch Table. There will only ever be 36 members to the group. Basically, the only way anyone else gets in is if someone decides to leave or gets kicked out.

Why only 36 members?

The number of members of this Lunch Table group is specifically set be me as well. It is established on a concept of Tzadikim Nistarim originating in Kabbalah, the esoteric school of Jewish mystical thinking I was raised.

Tzadikim Nistarim translated in Hebrew means “Hidden Righteous Ones.” This refers to mystical Jewish thought which suggest that there exist 36 righteous people whose role in life is to justify the purpose of humankind in the eyes of God. If it was not for “The 36” the world would come to an end. Tradition holds that The 36 are strangers to even each other, and even if one of them was to realize their significant purpose in this world they would never admit it, even to each other. The 36 succeed in averting the threatened disasters of a people persecuted by the enemies that surround them.

The 36 are each examples of humility and having such virtue it precludes them from ever realizing they are actually one of The 36 Special Righteous. Essentially, none of the 36 would ever actually believe they are one of The 36.

The 36 exemplify a mode of leadership that is vastly divergent from the visionary public leader that is overvalued in modern culture. Rather, “there is no limit to what we can do or where we can go when we do not mind who gets the credit.”

So again, welcome to The Lunch Table. Have fun and the worst that can happen is we actually are The 36 Righteous Ones, we screw this up and then end all of humanity. No biggie…


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