Why Celebrating Hitler’s Micro Penis Is Problematic (Not That I Care Because, I Don’t Have A Micro Penis. I’m Just Saying.)

Right off the bat I have to say that I don’t have a micro penis. This really isn’t my battle to fight at all.

That being said, there’s something that strikes me odd about this celebration of Hitler having a small dick.

If Hitler truly did have deformed genitalia, what does this mean? That the size of your penis is directly in proportion to your masculinity in a patriarchal society where sexual prowess is how a man’s worth is measured? He had a bad dick; no wonder why he wanted to commit a genocide. Are we saying that you’d be the most evil person on the face of the Earth too if you had a train wreck where his cock should be?

Again, I don’t have a mirco penis. I have normal genitalia according to medical journals. Not that I have to look anything like that up. I just know.

In an age where gender norms are being tested in the court of public discourse more so now than ever, we should look at how the patriarchy affects the male psyche. The thought that you are less than by having a malformed penis, one that you are born with and have absolutely no control over, is a problematic ablest concept.

I don’t even know why I’m getting so worked up about this. Just a thought I had. I’ve always gotten good feedback about my size. Well, when asked for. Never had anyone give an unsolicited compliment. Then again, I’ve never had a complaint either!

If this is just simply a news story with no other subtext, why are people sharing it with tongue-in-cheek comments on social media? Why would an ex-girlfriend who’s still connected with you on Facebook on the pretense that you’re on good terms and still friends share this article and write something like “this makes so much sense for so many reasons 😂😂😂? What positivity could come out of a post like that? Also, what are the many reasons? Is she implying she’s dealt with this in the past or something? I just don’t think this is a mature way to use the internet or scientific information on the most ruthless dictator this world has ever known. It’s not cute or funny.

Like I said, I have no horse in this race. I’m just fine in that area thank you very much. Not that it matters, in fact it doesn’t! It doesn’t at all. It’s not a measurement of anything. I’ve been told I could absolutely get a woman pregnant if I was trying. Which I’m not at the moment but, if I was I could absolutely make it happen. I urinate like a normal. I have nothing wrong or bad, just as a man who sees this as odd I felt it was my place to bring it up.

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