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2017 was a big year in terms of cyber security — or should I say cybercrime. It was the year of cracked Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) security protocols, named KrackAttacks, ransomware outbreaks like Petya/NotPetya/EternalPetya and the even bigger WannaCry and data breaches like the massive one of Equifax.

All of those is business as usual for our cyber security experts at SBA (Sustainabuild Alliance) and CSOs around the world. Our goal is to emphasize the importance of a good cyber & networking security strategy which is always starting with the education of people/employees before technically rolling it out.

With 2018 now being a few days old, we should have a look at this year’s challenges ahead of us and what their impact might be. …

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Why everything that glitters isn’t gold.

“Dude, your job seems to be a dream!”, “I want your (work) life!”, “I’m jealous, you’re travelling the world” — These are the statements I hear on a daily basis. Most of my friends and family members think I’ve the best job in the world… but is it really like this?

What I’m doing

I started working at K2 Northern Europe in November 2013 as a Technical Specialist. My role is a mixture of Pre-Sales (Technical Sales) and Professional Services (Consulting) — both involving travelling.
I worked in consulting for 8 years since then. Mostly travelling in Germany.

With my job at K2NE the area grew a bit. New countries came into place and also the amount of travelling increased. Some details around my travelling engagements in…


Tim Hüttemeister

Passionate about #Tech, #Innovation, #Agile and #DigitalTransformation. Living a sunny life in Abu Dhabi.

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