Living with work-life integration (excerpt)

Tim Metz (孟田)
Jul 20, 2019 · 1 min read

If you use computers and phones to get things done, you will have noticed the blurring line between work and life. We take work wherever we live and life to where we work. Checking email on vacation has become as common as browsing through Facebook while you’re on the boss’s clock. Whether you like it or not, work and life are integrating.

Source: Pixabay

Modern technology — mobile connectivity, social media, smartphones — is not the only culprit. This integration of work and life started with the advent of knowledge work, when our mind took over from our hands as the primary tool to get things done.

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Tim Metz (孟田)

Written by

Marketing Director at @KaiOStech. Cofounder at @getsaent.

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