bloody razor lips

critical words kill the emotionally vulnerable

i googled muzzles today. not for dogs or horses, but for people and what our legal system says would be the required defendability one would need in court if they were to spontaneously wrestle a verbal terrorist to the ground and pop a muzzle on them. not to protect their nose or mouth like you would for a dog or horse, but to silence the constant criticalness and negativity that flow from their mouth.

bloody razor lips, as i call them, are stone cold ‘serial killers’ when it comes to their weapon of choice, hurtful words. ponder this, out of the entire 1,o05,366 words available to freely choose from in the english languages, bloody razor lips have their toolbox whittled down to 6–8 bullseye phrases, a couple of precise ways to express their doubts and disapproval of you (which includes some very expressive body language and eye rolling.) let me clarify, all of us say wrong things every day, hopefully, we recognize the content of what we said, noticed the tone and think of the hearer and how that may have been received on their end. likely, our conscience kicked in, and we sincerely apologized if that came out hurtful or not as we intended, they accept it and we all are able to forgive, restore peace between us and move on. bloody razor lips however, the majority of the time, know exactly what they are saying, the tone, and delivery, because they are manipulators and care more about themselves than others. consumed with selfishness and compulsive desire to make you feel bad so they can influence you to bend to their will and wants, or to their practice has made them skilled artisans in the area of manipulating the unwittingly and emotionally fragile or vulnerable. it really gets difficult with bloody razor lips when they start freestyling and your’e not able to follow their i have lived for years with a hall-of-famer in this area, and i will share with you what has protected me from the hurling razors. two ways, early detection and taking cover. let me flush these out in some detail and maybe it will be of some value to you.

1) early detection — quickly recognize those that are serial killers by their choice of words.

endless vomit of hateful and discouraging subjects

2) taking cover — seeing the train speeding directly at you standing in the middle of the track is very, very good. thats important. however, its not going to be important for very long if you don’t take cover and get your tail off the tracks and out of the impact zone. not taking action is obviously going to result in a direct impact of all the velocity and power of that train. dont worry, you wont feel it.

careless words in whatever sentence structure (negative or discouraging remarks, hurtful insults or slurs, false accusations and slander, speaking about anyone as if they were inferior life forms) are very dangerous. they can ‘kill’ friendships and destroy relationships, crush them and burn them to the ground so their is nothing left. its very sad to see this, even worse if you have been through it. if you have, i’m so sorry. its painful, devastating, depressing and heart wrenching. but remember, this is not your fault. again, remember, this is not your fault. llowing faultfinding, judgmental, or critical words to release from our lips, is no different than stabbing someone with a knife (or sword), and the affect is the same, it’s intentional and its murder.

Proverbs 12:18 says: “Thoughtless words can wound as deeply as any sword”. Earlier in Proverbs, 12:6, it states: “The words of the wicked are murderous” (the literal translation means: ‘to ambush’, or ‘lie in wait for blood’)

Just something I was thinking about this afternoon…. As the most intelligent life form on the planet, I’m confident that we probably can be better in this area.

painfully yours. #passthebandaids


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