Digital Story Idea

The Digital Story option I am pursuing is the College, Self, and Community auto-enthnography. I am choosing this one because I am not doing the Community-based service learning course this semester. I thought a lot about doing the service learning but I do not think I have the time in my schedule to be fully committed. Right now I have joined the womens Rugby club sport and I am having a really fun time with it. I think that this could be a possible emphasis in my story. Sports have always been apart of my life and Rugby is one sport that I have never played before this semester. I played volleyball, basketball, and softball all throughout my high school career. I have seen my older sisters play Rugby in college so I had an idea of what the game consist of, but it was definitely a different environment that I stepped into. I wanted to continue my life of sports but I also wanted to try something new and once I saw a sign for Rugby I new that it would be a challenge. Some ways I could research for this is by asking my new teammates how they entered the game and why they play the sport. I could also look at how my life of sports compares to my teammates lives of sports. Did they play Rugby in high school? Did they play any other sports in high school? What interested them to join the Rugby team in college? Do they have support from their families at games? How does my experience as an athlete compare to my teammates? How does my experience as a lover of sports compare to my teammates?

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