How are we to distinguish men from dogs then?
abeni doula

You’re starting to get it… the emotional complexity of your average guy isn’t that far off from a golden retriever. Recognize what you’re dealing with and you will get much farther. A golden retriever doesn’t want to “talk about the relationship”, they want to chase the stick and then slobber on you. They’d rather talk about the stick they just grabbed and, depending on how much they’ve eaten, slobbering and how that makes them happy. Maybe you like to slobber and chase sticks and frisbees too? Oh, isn’t that a coincidence. How does a good stick stick make you feel? He didn’t know he had a thing for sticks until his teen years and was too embarrassed to talk about it. Sometimes another dog would share his stick and sometimes there’d be a good game of tug-of-war. He’d really like to open up to you and be vulnerable about sticks, maybe after that you can go deeper with him, you know, into chasing cats, rabbits, and squirrels. Has a cat ever swiped at you and cut your nose? Oh, you don’t chase cats? It’s lots of fun, but not without inherent risks…