If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

The writer lacks a shocking amount of self-awareness.

You people call us Nazis. Promote proven hate crime hoaxes to anger your sheep against us. Call for violence against us. And then cheer when violence is committed against us. Why should we trust you? You lie about us and promote domestic terrorism against us.

“Russia” and “Pizzagate are both rubbish conspiracy theories. But “Russia” gets airtime simply because it’s anti-Trump.

What if the situation was reversed? What if Wikileaks released anti-Trump e-mails? And then Trump lost the election. Would any of you be picketing on the streets “HILLARY IS NOT MY PRESIDENT! TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT!” Never. I can’t even imagine it happening.

If Wikileaks damaged Trump would anybody bother to look into any Russia story to impeach Hillary? Never. And if we complained about Russia, we would be told to keep our mouths shut and accept the election results.

The narrative would be “If the TRUTH damaged Trump, then Trump deserved to lose”. This was the justification when his Trump tape was leaked and when his 90s tax papers were stolen and leaked. But since the TRUTH damages Hillary, we must question the source.

By the way, that is the tell for a liar. To question the source instead of answer the question.

“Did you collude with the media to smear your opponent?”


Why is the real story being ignored?

There were e-mails with Democrats threatening journalists’ careers for criticizing Hillary. Confirmed by Mika on Morning Joe. Why do Democrats have the power to fire journalists? If Trump was exposed as having this power, you’d have killed him by now. But since the Democrats cheat and control the media, nobody cares. “Look! It’s Russia!” Diversion.

We don’t trust you because you terrorize us. You push every lame conspiracy theory in the world about us, while acting shocked at any conspiracy theory on our side. You have different standards for yourself and for us. You too live in an alternate reality, one where a bunch of Russian Nazis are out to get you! If Hillary was in the same position as Trump, you would be bullying us into submission right now. You should be grateful that we are very polite to you instead. The worst we ever do is trash-talk.

…….Which you then take out of context to push whatever fake news or conspiracy theory you want.

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