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Illustration, man frustrated looking at his pc
Illustration by Timmy Maiello

The moment has arrived. I take a deep breath. I open my eyes. It’s time. I sign up for Linkedin. Let’s put the only professional photo I got from some years ago, the last job I had and where I studied. Now the scary part: Competences. My background is made…

Illustration by Timmy Maiello
Illustration by Timmy Maiello

“Algorithms evolve, push us aside and render us obsolete.

This means war with your creator”

Algorithm, Muse (Simulation Theory, 2018)

During a design project with my team last year I stumbled on a peculiar situation. As we were trying to figure out how people decide the system of values related…

Illustration: In a future where you have to explain what is a grave, a good metaphor might be a login page.
Illustration by Timmy Maiello.

In all my (not enough) years as a designer, I would have never imagined that I could suggest a theme park as a design proposal to a Royal Institute. Despite the peculiar circumstances, the whole project was an incredible success and the guiding metaphor used was the central concept for…

Timmy Maiello

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