The millions who voted in the 2010 mid-terms.
Jeff Nicholson

hu hu, and yet when it counts>

and you say clown, yet the clown took the role of actual ring master and led the US recovery from the GFC and after inheriting Bushes illegal war and produced figures- real ones backed by statistics, growth that demonstrate to anyone with a real idea would see that the last 8 years have not been a fringe or side show but in fact the main act.

Your choice to use “hilbeast’ demonstrates that you hold little regard to actual facts, and fashion sense that includes tinfoil as head gear.
what we do know is you now will have a multiple failed business man, who is heavily indebted to those same foreign owned banks Ms Clinton was accused of links to, who is on public record as being openly racist, homophobic & misogynist. These things are not conjecture o based on rumour, he is on public record of saying and doing. And now it would seem a bit of a fan of bizarre sexual practices.

But hey you all voted for this, on one hand accusations and rumour about a woman with a 30 year record of public service and no real scandals or even charges levelled at her, on the other hand a man whose public record of abuse, failed business and what if done my any other person would have resulted in actual criminal convictions. Which just goes to prove in the US, justice is’nt blind it just had deep pockets and works for those who can fill them.

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