The British Government is legislating the ‘Great’ out of Great Britain
Tobias Stone

Im, though it now somewhat pains me to say, British.

Born and raised in the UK of British Parents, my fathers side with lineage traceable back to the earliest of records. My mothers side traceable back to the refugee Huguenots of France.

I’ve lived in New Zealand since my early teens, educated and learnt my trade here, but honed my skills as a chef in Europe. And by Europe I do mean all of it, which included the UK and continental Europe. The ability to travel and work across the 28 member states was to me the greatest thing about being British. Since the Early 80’s I've travelled many times between NZ and Europe, for work and travel, and had made the decision to move back and base myself in France permanently, something only possible to me, and millions of others due to the all important “EU Member State” Passport.

That dream , that goal is now in tatters, along with everything that used to be great about Great Britain for me .

My partner and I were last in the UK living in 1999–2006, she being a Kiwi lass who had never travelled was stunned by the openness and welcome she and all other foreigners received in the UK, no matter their origins or hue of the skin, and we have made regular trips back since to visit France, Italy , Spain mainly, to visit with the many friends we made during our time in the UK and travels since.

Via the medium of social media we stay connected and in touch with many of our UK based friends and have been somewhat at a loss to be able to explain to ourselves how so many of these people we once respected for their open welcoming nature have done an about face & now post on their media streams simply vile racist and bigoted commentary.

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