You’re fired!
Tamar Salibian

in the old version of the fall and burn of the empire, the ruler looked on watching whilst playing a fiddle.

today's version those of us outside the empire are watching on and we don’t know if we should laugh or cry while the empire falls.

and this is the empire of the USA and the UK that has us all dumbfounded.

I don’t know what's more unrealistic the US elections of the UK and Brexit. But both are based soundly on lies, lies and dam lies. So many know one knows whats truth any more.

We have Trump in his own words…

We have wiki leaks, which ironically are leaks from a man currently hiding from justice for charges of rape….

Maybe the madmen are actually now running the asylum.

Strap in, like a roller coaster it could be a wild one and now the brakes are off we are just passengers.