The Demagogue’s Doom Loop
umair haque

throughout history, as far back as reliable records began there has always existed a cycle of booms and busts, and riding in on its coat tails there has always existed a movement that seeks to persuade the many that all their ills in life are the hands of a few. Pre the internet revolution they have always been successful in making those few also those with the least power to change.
Now with the globalisation of information and education we are swinging the other way. More now than ever before are looking at the top and not to the bottom for the source and ability to make effective change.

We need a revolution in many things, there will always be a bottom as there will always be a top, but I believe the top is slowly becoming filled with the types who care to make change. Probably not fast enough, but it is changing and the force of change is being driven by such mediums as this and other open discussion forums.

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