Why Ryan Lochte’s Lie May Mean the Universe to People We Will Never Know
Rafael Shimunov

to me it matters, not because he’s rich, white, male and enjoys the privileges of all that entails.

But because of the reaction to his acts by many of his countrymen and women.

If he’d been genuine and sincere, if he’d got on a plane flown back and faced the people he’d lied to and lied about and made amends then fine.

But he didn’t, he offered some glib lawyer written apology and walked away. and then those around him made apologies for his behaviour due to age/excitement/drunk etc.

Sorry, you or I in the same situation would be back on a plane escorted by police or similar and made to front up in person.

Its not a case of my anger being misplaced in the light of the realities of a nation holding these games, the debt the clearing of “undesirables” is not new, its a different anger and a different subject.

I can, like us all, be angry about more than one thing at a time.

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