Are we addicted to Internet?

About 22 day ago I started an experiment I called “No Entertainment Challenge” where I challenged my self to stop entertaining my brain a.k.a waste time.

Few days later I felt the strong urge to watch movies and not do anything. That feeling was there day in and day out even when I was going to sleep I felt like there was something missing (I used to watch movie while I was waiting to fall a sleep).

Two days ago I asked my friends to do the survey to help me understand how people spend their free time. After two days I got 84 responses on my survey, mostly from Serbia, then from USA and UK. Majority of the participants are 24 or younger, but that is just my guess since survey is 100% anonymous.

First question was general, it’s purpose is to determinate how much time is spent on entertainment each day. 35 out of 84 participants said that they spend 2–4 hours per day on the entertainment. That means that 42% of participants spends almost half of theirs “free time” not being productive, nor creative.

Not long ago I heard that average person checks his or her phone every 10 minutes (that’s why I put 10 not 15 minutes in the survey). I was happily surprised to see that this survey showed that majority of people check their phone twice per hour or less.

Almost 50% of people said that grabbing their phone is the firs thing they do in the morning. I suspect that people are bringing their phones to the restroom to check the news or the social media.

Reason why I asked this question is because purpose of my challenge is to make you more productive, and to work on your goals. That’s why I was surprised to see that so many participants answered No on this question.

Last question was, do you think you are addicted? 27% of the participants believe they are addicted to the Internet. Honestly I thought that 0% would admit to being addicted.

Now that we know our situation we can work on fixing the situation, which will improve out productivity and creativity.

If you wish to participate in this survey, you can do that buy clicking here.