How entertainment destroyed my family

19 days ago I started a challenge called No Entertainment Challenge, where I challenged you and myself to stop entertaining our brains a.k.a wasting time for the next 7, 15, 30 days depending on how much do you want to commit to this challenge.

Among few great things, few good things, there were few bad, and unfortunately few horrifying things. I realized that entertainment is ruining my family.

When I was a child most of the time I spent with my family were playing “Jamb” its a dice game where you trow 6 dices and pick five to score on the board, really cool game, and the time I spend with my dad and brother were playing basketball.

Then we both our first TV, we shifted from playing family game to watching TV, after while we started fighting about what channel we are going to watch.

Not long after that we both our first computer, now my brother and I were spending time on computer (like all kids) and our parents on the TV. Communication between us started to diminish.

Fast forward to today, I have my own PC, my mom has her PC which she supplements with TV, don\t know how can she watch White Collar nad play Candy Crush at the same time, must be years of practice. My brother has his laptop and my father is in his room with his TV.

If your guess is that we don’t communicate at all unless we are taking lunch together, you are correct.

When I was born a Priest told my parents that I would be the one who would unite our family.I didn’t believe in that prophesy, but now that I changed my life, where I am only focused do my goals, and few other essential things. I can clearly see what is preventing me and other from achieving those.

Fortunately now that I know what is the problem, I can work on fixing them. My mother noticed the change in my behavior, more energy, more determination, and all in all more productivity, that she asked me what I did to drastically improve.

I am not a time management expert, but what I can tel from the 19 days of sacrificing unnecessary entertainment for a big picture, is that my life is more fulfilled.

Do you feel like your family spends to much time on entertainment, instead of interacting with each others?