Millions Of Americans Send Eviction Notices To Donald Trump
Allan Ishac

It is interesting to note that quite many Americans have anyhow supported Trump for the office & are still after all his doings (happy enough, actually undoings, in practice:) supporting him. So, the question runs, is there something profoundly wrong in the so called democratic procedures of elections, maybe even in general. For instance, in Spain Catalans ended up supporting independence over 90% as a protest, and over half suspended to vote at all because Spanish government stated that this voting is illegal! So, voting can be illegal too! I think especially in our modern information era brainwashing of regular folks is surprisingly easy. The more desperate the life situation of the individual is, the easier it seems to be. Also, all kind of dogma surrounding the individuals is supporting these kind of blind or senseless protest behaviors. Like: I kill for money, but because you are my friend I kill you just for fun! This proverb recalls also issues of ethics because the modern spirit (!) seems to be that humans, universe and life are just fundamentally senseless dead machines, we all are alone and made to serve THE MONEY only.