How I Write
Abdulghaniy Otukogbe

Thanks for these great advices! I’m not a writer so much than a painter, but there are similarities between these two art forms. I have often compared creating a painting to a voyage that the all details you just can’t foresee beforehand actually taking the respective voyage of art. It is advisable to create some kind of initial travel plan (!), but the more exiting the traveling turns out to be, the more courage is required to make brave deviations while the journey proceeds. However, you can’t do whatever deviations, you should never underestimate the art experiencer! Also, when you get more skillful, the more frustrating it becomes to see your own flaws. Being as objective as possible to your work is very important, as also you referred. Somehow, while creating the art, you swing between the more subjective and the more objective mental relationship between your art-process. I have noticed that if you solve the artistic journey a finer way after some hard work, you anyhow have a tendency to appreciate the journey more than the final piece of art. Hope for both of us interesting times while trying to master the ways of arts, and once again thanks for you dedicated writing tips!

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