Writer Gets In Shape For Another Year Of Savage Political Satire, 7-Days-A-Week
Allan Ishac

You have nice plans for 2018 ! Great thanks for all your satire that is indeed much required!

Btw, in terms of the Orange Danger, it is not only due to some unhappy coincidences he got the post. Some folks voted him, he successfully marketed ideas that have not any greater relationship to political reality, than, say Donald Duck, the White Danger! How and why this marketing was so efficient as he got the post, that is a question that should now be addressed. The important matter now stands that the election of lunatics for significant positions is hard to circumvent, especially if they have money & guts! This means that generally, election of the Orange D. is no way exceptional, and could be repeated with him or other more or less similar kind of Fruitcakes.

What could we do? Maybe the only hope now is that the god will ultimately save us all, amen!