#ResistTrump Activism Toolkit

(A continuously-updating resource list of tools/ apps/ actions to dissent & protest Trump’s administration).

Links to open-democracy / activism platforms and databases will be added here on an ongoing basis. (Please share this list & don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any more good direct-action links to add).

WTF Just Happened Today? (This site will give you a summary of exactly just happened today under the Trump administration. Sure to make you say ‘WTF’).

-> Connect & Amplify

-> Download INDIVISIBLE — a practical guide to resisting Trump agenda (Excellent guide, created by progressive congressional staff members)
Download the Countable app
-> Register now at Vote.org
-> Call your state reps directly — check 5Calls.org. Spend just 5 minutes, making 5 calls. Make your voice heard and influence your representatives in the most important government issues that day. Call the White House, using the proper channel for citizens. Not working? Use this site to directly auto-dial one of Trump’s private (unconstitutional) properties.
  • Town Hall Project 2018 A comprehensive spreadsheet listing upcoming Town Halls by your representatives. Go — and be heard.

-> Here is a list of representatives who have been silent on Trump’s refugee ban. Including their contact information.

-> Help swing local voting districts at SwingLeft.org

-> Alert brands that advertise on alt-right sites such as Breitbart. Sleeping Giants keeps track of all advertisers and focuses public social media pressure until those brands remove ads and stop funding the spread of bigotry.

(This transparency tactic can be very effective). Please be respectful when calling out brands —assume they’re not aware, as often their ads show up in bulk media buys.

-> Boycott Trump is a free app from Democratic Coalition Against Trumpavailable on iPhones, iPads and Androids that allows users to search a database of over 250 businesses to determine if they share a connection to Trump. The app’s creators have already found dozens of high-profile businesses that support or are affiliated with Trump ― and some of them may surprise you.’ (Via Huffington Post) Just be sure to double-check their interests and ties as it’s not always so clearcut.

-> A List of Companies Taking Action Against Government-Driven Division (as of 1/2/17)

OpenVote (Not yet launched, but sounds like a promising platform to watch).


-> Research and understand.


(an excellent, in-depth article in New York magazine examining the reactive far right).

— —

Whether a news article or rumor seems to support our cause or not, misinformation is dangerous. It erodes trust and creates confusion. (Read: How to Culture Jam an (autocratic) Populist in Four Easy Steps).
Here’s a simple guide from Stanford University on how to fact-check in the modern media landscape.
Know the facts about who, what, why (political fact-checkers & free open courseware through MIT).


Is it ‘fake’ news?

Check the credibility of a news post by copy-pasting the URL into Real-or-Satire.com.

(Don’t get distracted)
DataRefuge.org; a searchable database of recovered government climate science.
Hatewatch by the Southern Poverty Law Center keeps track of extremist groups, including those influencing political candidates. Understand the manipulation of information from the alt-right.
-> Follow vetted investigative news outlets. Champion real journalism with integrity and ethics to hold truth to power; help keep all of the media accountable.
(…Beware of the fake news sites. And you may want to limit sensational, ratings-churn ‘infotainment’ media outlets. They often tend to distract and divide more than substantively inform).
-> Donate to help protect threatened groups and causes you care about:
ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) | Planned Parenthood | GLAAD | Human Rights Campaign | EveryTown (for gun safety) | NAACP | BLM | Sierra Club | Greenpeace | NDRC (Natural Resources Defense Council) | National Organization for Women | American Association of People with Disabilities | Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund | Reporters without Borders (global press freedom index) | Electronic Frontier Foundation (privacy & net neutrality)
-> Stay safe and aware & look out for our neighbors with these privacy and security tools. Stay calm. (Here are some tips on processing your anxiety in the age of Trump).

-> Go out and talk to people

First, realize that not everyone can be reached. But it still serves us well to know what even they stand for, and at least try to get them to consider another perspective.

If we can’t fully put ourselves in their same position — to really empathize — to understand what is driving him, ‘them’, we will never know a path to lead so many out.

Or worse, we may lose others to such a twisted perspective of fundamental problems that don’t have such easy answers.

But no matter how apt some of the observations, how true some of the accusations, or how clarified the specific contexts — the soul of this postmodern political ideology isn’t a feigned ‘outrageousness.’

It’s not what’s said or heard or posted or tweeted.

It’s darkness. You know it when you feel it.

Look at it all objectively, too. They might even be accurate on some observations and insights, even though the context and their reactions are regressive and divisive.

Finding the truths, before they’ve been skewed, and knowing their position helps us discover the weakest links in their own arguments as well.

Unless someone is too poisoned by their bias or willful ignorance, there’s always hope of having a clear and constructive conversation.
First, find common ground. Anything you can both agree on.
Empathize with the person you’re trying to get through to. Even if you viscerally disagree with their position.
Try to understand their perspective. Just listen to them.

Really, listen to what they talk about, what they care about.

The real frustrations, fears, issues driving their votes are usually below the surface, under all of the partisanship and parroted soundbites. They may even be seemingly unrelated. Look for those.

As difficult as it may be, put yourself in your ‘opponents’ position. From there, you can then look to find the way back, and bring them over to your own perspective, to show them there is another way to view the issue.

Then, help people understand why you care — and why they should care too.

  • > Realize that these are all battles in what is now clearly a guerrilla war of information. So it’s best to understand the strategic landscape and how, exactly, Trump & team have leveraged technology and post-modern psychological methods to take power within the system. More, here.

-> Make your voice heard:

Every American is guaranteed the right to free speech and free assembly under the law. Yes, massive groups of — peaceful , non-violent — protesters can have effect on both awareness and policy. Protests show our solidarity and growing momentum to each other, to our elected representatives, and to the world.

(effects of our activism in the first 2 weeks)

Past + Upcoming protests:

Women’s March (January 21, 2017 — the largest political protest march in American history).
The Injustice Boycott against racial violence and police brutality. (Launched January 17, 2017).

No Ban No Wall rally to call for an end to the refugee + discriminatory ban against Muslims. (Sunday, January 29, Battery Park NYC, 2pm)

LGBTQ Solidarity rally, NYC, Saturday, Feb 4th; Stonewall Inn — A peaceful gathering to how solidarity with every immigrant, asylum seeker, refugee and every person impacted by Donald Trump’s illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and un-American executive orders.

Medicare for ALL March, L.A., (February 4 — Rally against Trump’s plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act)

Stop The Trump Agenda, New York, (February 19 — take to the streets outside Trump Tower)

March for Science, Washington DC, (Earth Day, April 22).

Upcoming protests planned in NYC.

10 ways to March On


HAS BEEN PROPOSED FOR FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2017 (More details to follow, including collective demands).

Civil disobedience, when warranted, can also be effective if it is cohesive and focused.

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action — classic guide to protest and dissent tactics (PDF)

Only after all possible options and recourse has failed and oppression of human rights or when a denial of liberties is imminent, should escalations through boycotts, strikes or collective challenges to unjust laws be considered.

It is in our best interests, as a nation, as a people, and for our own individual causes — to organize and take political action that finds a resolution — before it can escalate into civil unrest.

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