How To Earn Money Using Cryptocurrencies with Masternodes

Recently there has been a rise in the price of Bitcoin (the price is at nearly $12,000 at the moment). Many people wonder if it’s too late to invest now or don’t have enough money to make enough gains for it to be worthwhile.

But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are other ways to make money with cryptocurrencies, namely Masternodes.


How can I set up a Masternode?

Most cryptocurrencies have a tutorial on how to set up a Masternode. For for example, the guide can be found here:

How much can I earn with a Masternode?

If we take Credits as an example again, the coin is worth $0.02 at the moment and with a Masternode you would earn $3.5993 per month. However, if the price of the coin rises, the earnings of the Masternode will also rise.

Also, depending on the current block, the payouts of the Masternodes are also different as can be seen in this image:

Masternode Rewards

At the moment of writing this article we’re at block 276290. As soon as block 493089 is reached, the earnings of your Masternode will double.

Where can I find a list of cryptocurrencies with Masternodes?

On you can find a list of cryptocurrencies with their price, price change, volume, market cap and ROI for a Masternode with their coin.