The startup industry is booming and more and more companies aim to harness entrepreneurship by creating internal innovation centres. After spending a year as an intrapreneur and experiencing some real highs and lows, I’d like to share the insights gained throughout my journey with (aspiring) entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

It all started around Hallowe’en 2014, at’s biannual Hack Day. The company wanted to diversify its portfolio and challenged employees to come up with ideas we could spin off into startups. While brainstorming in small groups, we discussed the growing popularity of startups. We knew loads of people in the tech…

Startup Startup

I love startups. I’ve always found talking to people who pour all their passion and creativity as well as countless hours of hard work into building their vision inspirational. I guess that was the main reason I started attending startup networking events. I thought it would be great to listen to other people’s stories and learn from their successes and mistakes before I decided to take the plunge myself.

What surprised me was that many of the comments on the meetup groups were from entrepreneurs looking for team members or co-founders. …

Timo Hilhorst

I am a Product Owner at and was one of the founders of Startup Startup,’s first corporate startup.

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