The Brexit and Your Business

Tim O'Keefe
5 min readJun 28, 2016

Brexit was a break from the European Union.
Many are claiming lower rates and bigger business because of this. Others are in an economic freakout.

I am asking you too, break from the online union.

The perpetual FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) and hype that is thrown onto us in the hopes that you pursue the next greatest shiny object thing.

Google has been with us a long time. They rule the world of traffic. A relatively new player called Facebook has come along in traffic production through ads and organic social traffic. Lets first see how Facebook can work for you.

Why News is Your Best Friend

We are told not to talk about politics or religion.

Although I rarely go there socially other than my personal Facebook profile. I do go there lots.

(I actually caught myself liking a political video on Twitter. By accident. Much of my content syndicates to other social and web 2.0 platforms. And under my Spider Juice Technologies brand I went there and the video posted on my Twitter account.

The fate of an SEO Mad Scientist I suppose;-) I will get into syndication as a social practice and SEO practice that is a must for content distribution and SEO in another post.

So why discuss the heated topics? Because it is what is on everyone’s mind! It is emotional and thus remembered.

One of the OG Mad Men John Caples

The Piggyback

In social media you can tap right into the conversation in real time.

I like to call this piggybacking a story. Pretty sure I didn’t invent to word.

I first launched my first successful piggys with Lady Gaga cult marketing at the peak of her fame, and with the Charlie Sheen “winning campaign” or “debacle” depending on your polarized view.

That as I predicted would make Sheen more money and freedom than ever.

By themeing and seeding my shares on only Facebook and eventually sharing the linked to articles above. Traffic increased over 300% per article. Imagine if I had seeded all my social platforms during the day!

Making Your Own News

One time I wrote one of my most popular non business articles after a bone crushing loss in one of our games that I coached.

The article was about how a little coaches girl gave me a big hug and said, “coach Tim it will be ok, even I lose sometimes”. I kind of tear up just typing these words out.

The theme of the article was Beautiful Little Girl Tames Brute kind of thing.

I seeded my social all day long as I was writing this piece. Using some of the research as bread crumbs as shares. Including:

Inxs Beautiful Girl song video.

Beautiful Girl Movie Clip of Michael Rapaport’s somewhat creepy, disturbing speech.(above)

And whatever else that themed beauty, girl, and football together.

This idea is a neuro marketing trick I use lots to tie even non-associated events together.

Psychology Today calls Priming a non-conscious form of human memory concerned with perceptual identification of words and objects. It refers to activating particular representations or associations in memory just before carrying out an action or task. For example, a person who sees the word “yellow” will be slightly faster to recognize the word “banana.” That is the idea behind me doing social this way.

The movie Focus with Will Smith as grifter reminds us of the prime technique:

Will describes to the lovely Margot Robbie how he conned the cons with priming.

Derren Brown the magic man /hypnotist from England is always a jaw dropping watch. In any of his videos he most certainly is using all his tools to persuade. But in this one see how powerful that priming allows Derren to accurately guess what the targets will draw for him.

So this is where I created the story theme with multiple posts on Facebook (11 I think spread over one day) all having something to do with beautiful girl and football.

You can say that I was priming my followers to come to my post later that day. And many did.

Another Form of Priming and Donald Trump

Scott Adams the founder of Dilbert writes a blog.

He is a trained hypnotist and master persuader. And of course a very successful cartoonist.

Adams has been piggybacking onto the Trump story for almost 9 months. He has been interviewed by Bill Maher and other big names. Because of this narrative, Adams has positioned himself as the expert on Trumps rise and his persuasion skills.

He tells why Trump succeeds and fails.

He literally owns the “persuasion” space on Trump.

Adams breaks it down and thus is the expert on the phenom. And is leveraging his expertise to gain readership and interviews. Hell I want to interview him. His style of communication got me to go buy his book.(great read by the way)

And I suspect he is cooking up a way to leverage a Trump win or loss. Either way Adams wins.

That is piggybacking with a long view.

I did not mention this yet, but of course you can tap into a conversation in Facebook/social ads also. But make sure that it is relevant. It is called social for a reason.

OK! That is Social Media. What About Other Methods?

So we can tap into conversations going on in our prospects mind all over the web. The keyword queries makes it extremely easy to target thru SEO or Pay Per Click Ads/Adwords.

It only makes sense if you sell widgets. And your prospect types into Google:

You would like to have that click wouldn’t you?

That is the prospect asking for the conversation and you need to give it to them.

So we have covered lots of territory. Please feel free to share this article, give your honest opinion below. If you love it GREAT. If you think it SUCKS even better. That means I have some improvement left in me.

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