Autumn journey in Finland by MZ sidecar

It was a late autumn weekend in 1981 and we have decided to meet our new friends to remember past summer trip to Hungary, where a small troop of us took part in Pannonia Rally, “Pannonia Találkozó 1982”. At that time we were crazy and adventure-minded young adults.

That photo already pictures the time we welcome the filosofy of “alternative and protest-minded” motorcycling. My girlfriend Arja is wearing my grandfather’s old 50’s fur coat. Although she is traveling exceptionally in a sidecar (she drove at that time already by her own bike), which will give passengers a moderately good protection against the weather, it is important to dress warmly. I have lined to Belstaff nailonsuite. It is much more warmer than a leather suit and also considered some rain.

Our motorcycle is little bit special. Made in East Germany, the motor is 250 cc and has 21 horsepower. MZ has a sidecar, there is room for one passenger and luggages. Cruising speed is only 60–75 km/h.

After taking this picture we start our journey to Vaasa. Bike is folding mileages slowly and making death. I´m driving in a Zen-feelings, girlfriend is sleeping in a sidecar with a happy smile, I think. When we arrive after 250 kilometers and six hours driving to Vaasa it is already dark and cold.

Welcome to Finland. We organize a great MZ-meeting in a small town Keuruu in the middle of Finland. Time is 16.-18. June 2017. For more information

Timo Lehtonen,

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