📷 by Annie Spratt
├── ComponentA
├── ComponentB
├── WebComponents
├── ElementA
│ └── SettingsHome
│ └── SettingsProfile
└── ElementB
└── ElementBComponent
<app-root modules-to-load="element-a, element-b"></app-root><element-a></element-a>

Can’t i just use RouterModule.forRoot()?

What aboutRouterModule.forChild()?

Can I even use the Angular Router in my Web Components?

const routes = [
{ path: '', component: SettingsHomeComponent, outlet: 'elementA' },
{ path: 'profile', component: SettingsProfileComponent, outlet: 'elementA' },
{ path: '**', redirectTo: '', pathMatch: 'full'}
<router-outlet name="elementA"></router-outlet>
Add RouterTestingModule inside element-a-routing.module.ts
Import ElementARoutingModule inside element-a.module.ts
Trigger initial navigation inside element-a.component.ts
this.router.navigate([{outlets: {elementA: 'YOUR_ROUTE'}}]);
<button [routerLink]="[{outlets: {elementA: 'YOUR_ROUTE'}}]"> Go to Settings</button>

But what if I want to see the the route changes in the Browser URL?

The outlet is appended to the path.
Angular can’t find the outlet route.
constructor(..., private hostLocation: HostLocationService) { }ngOnInit() {

Are there any other options?





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