No you haven’t.
Svetlana Voreskova

Now, here’s the thing. I’m not at risk for being killed by the “big bad white man” every time I step outside of the door. As a woman, I’m more at risk of being killed by intimate partner violence, which would be my husband. I’m more likely to be killed by a family member. I’m also likely to be target by a member of my own race in a random act of violence, as most crime is intra racial.

However, racial crimes and harassment is also on the rise. And whether you agree or not, that’s not my problem. It’s there. And I could give two damns whether or not you agree or disagree; but as someone who swears that what I say is so wrong, you sure are spending quite some time writing mini essays trying to prove that my ideas are irrelevant.


I don’t know sweetie. You seem bored. Sudoku maybe?

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