what a bunch of hate fueled liberals on this site saying things you desperately want to be true…
Barry Lavelle

You’re going to excuse the actions of your president until he fucks you over like many of his voters who now realize they’re not rich enough for him to give a fuck about.

As a Liberal, BELIEVE ME I know there are racists in the Democratic Party. Except they try to come off as progressive and “I voted for Obama”. But right now, you’re deflecting the fuck out of this story. Because those who go on murderous rampages against a specific race or religion are more likely to have ideologies that align with the alt right.

So this truth right here?

Hold that shit in your lap until it turns your pale ass skin red. You’ve got to absorb this one. And before you return with the oft trotted “democrats created the KKK” fact, just know that I know and I don’t give a damn. Because the republicans are currently the party of the KKK NOW. TODAY.

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