UX pointers for VR design

This article is tailored for VR designers & devs who are creating full-room VR setups, but may not have the opportunity to do lots of user demos.


The demos I’ll be referencing


Key observations.

1. Give users time to orient themselves.

2. A huge percent of users simply do not read static instructions.

Fantastic Contraption doesn’t require a lot of instruction, but has handy signposts explaining the basics.

3. Controllers are a tricky beast.

Buttons on the HTC Vive’s hand controllers. The small squares on the tops and side are sensors.
In Aperture Robot Repair, set in the Portal world, your controller is skinned and simplified.
In Fantastic Contraption, your controllers are wooden version of the real-life controllers.
In The Gallery: Six Elements, your controllers are gloved hands, with which you can pick up and use objects & weapons.

4. Most users’ sense of movement is slightly off. VR makes this more obvious.

From Glen Keane: Step Into the Page

5. Users seem to learn best from audio cues.

6. Encourage users to move around as much as they can.

Final thoughts

The best toolbox-slash-pet a VR user ever had, in Fantastic Contraption.
This lady knows what’s up

Director of AR/VR Tools at Unity

Director of AR/VR Tools at Unity