Deep-cloning of Redux state

Evgeny Timoshenko
Mar 26, 2017 · 1 min read

I found myself making the same mistake while implementing Redux applications. That simple mistake may take different forms however causes the same bad consequences: performance downgrade and excessive re-rendering.

There was a need of updating a deeply nested slice of the state with a given set of properties. First thoughtless idea was to do it as following:

Which is awful. The problem with code above is that _.merge creates a deep copy of the slice, which will result in updating of every component expecting slice changes. Even if we want to just add a single property into our slice, the slice and its children would be cloned.

Another nasty example:

The example above even worse, because it triggers re-render of everything and execution of all store watchers if you use some.

A great replacement for lodash deepClone and merge in the snippets above would be use of immutability helper — it changes only parts of the state which needs to be changed.

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