The Most Important Choice You Can Make
James Altucher

It’s the paradox of realizing how little time we actually have, and as we see in this case knowing you don’t have much time left might actually be beneficial.. So you start living. Noticing the little things like rain hitting your face.

See, most of us are rushing towards goals, work, school (I don’t mean to say that pursuing something meaningful and making an impact is wrong) but we fail to realize that our lives are pretty fragile.

It’s like when we try to imagine a huge amount of money, like a billion for example. We understand the general concept of it being a lot of money, but we can’t really imagine it thoroughly and therefore can’t really comprehend it. It’s similar with the concept of our own death - we know we are going to die and that it’s inevitable, but the seeming distance of death distorts our view, we can’t really imagine it and therefore we sort of assume the notion of immortality. We don’t really anticipate death, and we lack the understanding of our own limitations in terms of our own time spent here. And that makes us put things off for later, or holding grudges for 18 years.

I guess when you are terminally ill two scenarios can occur.. you either lose it and become depressed, or you become a person like your friend there. I do have respect for the man.