A word about Free Art !

“I’m emotive content, very emotive content !” -Droop Dopy Doge (Sic.)

“Hear, hear, thou gentle people and affiliates to the very kingdom of Heavens, above, midst or allow, hear, and hear well.

Free art, is a concept, I tried to develop, humbly, whose principles are simple, and prolegomenaes, endless.

The very life I spent for some 30 years or more, was devoted to try to express myself, in a manner of giving back to the Lord, our Creator and Taylor, and then Host — but also, Guest and in the meantime Banker, Taxi, Snack, Dealer, Civil Protector, Public Announcer, Guy you see there running for Mayor, Wonderful Woman you just bumped upon by inadvertance and said “Oh, sorry” who then walked away, with a smile, and do not forget — Traffic Lights, then finally arrived at your meeting point — Meeting point, D-J, Security Guard, Friend who says “Hi !”, and furthermore, maybe -Michelle Weeks, and Sebastien Tellier, Speakers, Cup of Champain, and this Reminiscent French Rapper in the V.I.P. lounge who then reveals as Ariel Wiezman, et cae. terra… In a brief sentence : The Very Party You Are Attending To — for instance, or as I would then rather have fancied of, this one. And for my illustration : An Art Exhibition Opening, In New York.

Greenwich Village.

And as a young boy, full of desire of grace, and keen on litterature, music, arts in a general sense, and praying for this aim the benediction of the Allmighty, Love, Care and Dedication for The Holy Mother of Christ, and Christ, Saviour of our Church, for I was born a Christian.

Thus, travelling from nacel to my Quickers start in walking around, from Paris to Cap Ferret or Pau, Mirepoix or Avignon, then further, further on, plane tickets or monospace Renault, checking a first communion at mid-primary school and further, further sacramental steps, learning better off Beattles lyrics than the Ecclesiast, and still -as today, considering myself as a soft child, for I was, I deeply thought, and still do, that no man is an island, and that for the time now, is a roof upon our heads, as a lilly, in the valley, a sea all around us, beings made with essentially waters and salts, and that -if you consider it well, a child is a tiny little bloke, for whom, everything is given for free, and whose duty is only, could we say, to learn a bit of wisdom from here to there, and from time to time, now and then, keep on doing so.

Once, as a very young child, I took the morning train in Montparnasse, and made myself the reflection,that would I be a tiny little grass mud, smiling as in a microscopic view, Sun Gazing whilst not dreaming of the stars, my life would not be such different, or even not differing, that the one of a bird, for instant departure of his nestle, eating some bird-mother coction and not even would it be from the tiny shrimp, looking ahead for his instant phytoplancton meal of his swim learning, easy level, lessons.

In order, to fulfill, this constant need, for following your ideas while you can yet, and try as I would like yet, to do my best of what I had kept in mind, I then walked, on the Seaside, ate a plate of potato soup, and learned to swimsuit fit, first, to swim, later, and avoid sunbursts, for I am a pale -still, body type, frenchie, and only later, discovered English House Music, but this is another story.

Ok, let’s go straight to our point. Art is not, free to exchange, but in a sense, it is, if you take the point of view, of a viewer, to begin with this. Free to walk in a museum of Impressionist Painters, like Orsay was for me in Paris, for Sundays, or others, around the world, can be. And let’s come back to this, when you are a child, the tv cartoons, the design of a park you walk or play into, the Chattawak parka, or the comics you can grab on to entertain yourself… Are provided, all included, in the very right you have to be left upon these grounds, and rising, raising, risen up !

In other words, pursuing the reason of an artist life, my intent was and remained, to give back to the reason I was here, undefined but evident, Lord, the humble prayer I was, meditating, for such a short time in estimated Paradise standards and Eternity recognition of a possible cause or fact… I became a worker for good, love, and hopes, armed with a pencil, and a Kodak, one use, film camera -an art creator, in my mesure, childish.

And today, as everyone knows, is free as a present, and memories past make our future scopes.

Love, in the air, is a non stop radio show, all we need, at its moment happens !

Muhammat, the blessed leader of Islam, said in his words : I do not ask for a salary, if I helped only the Angel ! And before, Christ, is related to the birds, saying the same simple truth. And hopefully for Amame, Louie loves her and little by little, around the world, the Stars are reborn from Stardust, without any problem, for Tycho Brae, to learn Jean de Tritheim how to read latin. The Holy Mother birthes Love, and happy, we are to pray her, sure. For free !

Yours, Timothée