We can’t let Donald Trump bankrupt America like one of his failed casinos.
Hillary Clinton

Hello ! Thank you so much Ms. Clinton, to you also ! Bravo, for your nomination ! I am a french national, supporting for your campain and your party, as a philanthropic and philosopher artist, living in Paris.

I had the chance to study law, in my country and got graduated a few years ago, with the equivalent of a Bachelor, in the Anglo-Saxon Universities system. And as reading your blog post, above, I asked myself a question, that is : I had a remembrance, of the uncompatibility, between the money games, owning, or running as a professional, and the office of President, in the Constitutive Acts, of the United States. I have another remembrance that it had been a problem for M. Romney, a few years ago. Do you think, this question is legitimate or appropriate to apply against -your opponent ? For, I read news, about his founding, owning and ‘ruining’ casinos, depending of an entertainment and hotels, casinos, consortium or enterprises group, and I think, that if I can recall, your Constitution, in the US, specially on it’s article VI (maybe ?) does not allow the association of the two characteristics : earn money from gambles or money bets, and run for or, be a : President.

I have, a total support for your ideas, and person, whilst I am not an US. citizen. But notwithstanding, this actual fact… I would love to, maybe later on, come to your magnificent country, and I have a dream, of -if I can- establish myself there. You, are a very intelligent and good, woman, and a succesful politician, virtuous and hard working person.

I encourage you, forth ! And congratulate you already ! Bravo Ms. Clinton !


Timothee Bordenave, in Paris, France.