The Three Personalities That All People Seem To Exhibit

I was recently given a book by my mother, The E-Myth Revised by Michael E Gerber. It was copyrighted in 1995, which I can only assume means that it was written twenty-odd years ago. Under usual circumstances I would not have cracked open this book, or any book out of order of my reading list, especially being under the impression that it was filled with outdated information that wouldn’t necessarily apply to the fast paced information age that we find ourselves in today. Nevertheless, the pages started turning.

I soon came to a section about the three personalities that all people seem to exhibit: the Technician, the Manager, and the Entrepreneur. The Technician is the personality you call on that has the technical know-how, the one that can implement a plan and generate results. The Manager is the personality you call on when you have a deadline, the one who knows best how to allocate resources and manage time. The Entrepreneur is the dreamer, the one who is free to not necessarily be rooted in reality; his existence is based off of “what ifs” and the desire to influence the future.

This personality breakdown had a profound impact on how I explained my thoughts and my actions, not only to myself but also to others. It put into perspective, for me, why I do the things that I do and why I think the way I think. It brought to my attention the importance of being balanced in mind and action.

One idea that I have continually held steadfast, and one that I think is of the utmost importance, is the vision of designing my own education and ultimately my life, and a refusal to follow an agenda set by others. As with almost anything, there must be a starting point, and more often than not, this is a dream or desire, a goal. To begin with the end in mind is to have every action be executed with that end result in sight, it is to be relentless in molding your future — this is the foundation, and is paramount to achieving any goal. When I picture myself at the end of my career, also known as my deathbed (I fully intend to work till my organs are only there to fill the spaces in my body and machines are keeping me alive), I will have been a successful founder and CEO of a technology company. Successful in the way of new profound technologies being brought to light, which change the fabric of what we thought was once impossible. A company that doesn’t yield to what is wrong, but one that puts its reputation on the line for what is right. Most importantly, an organization that empowers not only their employees, but the greater community and world as a whole. This will be my contribution, a contribution that my body, mind, heart, and spirit embody.

This visualization will allow me to take the very first step in executing my personal agenda, and because I envision myself running a company in the future, I will start running myself like a business now. Just as with management, you need to be able to manage yourself before you can even imagine managing others. There is but one small problem: my knowledge about business is limited at best. The beauty however, is the potential for extreme growth, the opportunity to learn is staring me in the face and ripe for the taking. So as I sit here in the Frankfort airport, drinking some coffee and nibbling on a croissant, with one hundred dollars in my pocket, I now officially bring to life the fictional yet very real timdelaforce LLC.