What is the attraction of the ‘Law of Attraction’?
Ross J. Edwards

Hey, Ross! Thanks for writing your article and starting the discussion.

The law of attraction is working in my life.

You mention wanting to model the life of Jim Morrison, however negative thoughts of self-doubt are holding you back. If only you could think positive all the time…I find this logic flawed. Do you believe Jim Morrison never faced any hardships? I guarantee he experienced negative thoughts, but he didn’t stay there. It’s normal to experience negative thoughts, but the desire for greatness outweighed the fear of failure for Jim. He became obsessed with his vision. He’s passionate about his music. For Jim, there’s no other alternative. That’s how the law of attraction works. Getting to place where you do not accept anything but conquering your goals & dreams. Fuck doubt. Fuck fear. Fuck negativity.

The loose ends you mention. “If I think positive all the time, then nothing bad will ever happen to me.” That makes no sense. Of course uncontrollable events will take place that we have no control over. Everyone on Earth experiences hardships. No one has it easy. However, people fall into two camps: either victims or leaders. Someone who gets cancer can easily play victim. It’s understandable. 100% uncontrollable. They can sit in a pool of negativity and ponder about why this happened to them. Have everyone around them feel bad for them. Or realize “fuck it — I’ll take responsibility for this shit and use it as an opportunity to grow as a person. I’ll be stronger than ever after overcoming this battle!” If they’re going to die, they can say “fuck it-my time here is short but I’ll inspire other people to make the most of their time here because mine is quickly running up.” What would you rather do if you’re about to die? Play victim and be sad or play leader and be full of life? By the way, we are all going to die soon. Victims do not grow. Leaders take responsibility and use it as an opportunity to grow & inspire. Leaders take full responsibility for the events that take place around them even if they didn’t cause it. Don’t play victim. Be the leader. Take responsibility for everything that happens in life.

The gratitude things doesn’t make sense either. Why can’t we be happy and grateful at the same time? Of course we can be. We can be grateful for the journey that got us to where we wanted to go. The possibilities to be humble & thankful are endless.

The law of attraction works on one thing: faith. We must believe in ourselves. We must believe in our dreams. We must believe our goals are worthwhile. We must believe in our purpose.


Tim Portner

Entrepreneur, Author, & Investor


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