I am a Christian male with a 14 year old daughter and of course if God forbid she was ever raped, I…
Michael Craig

Pregnancy is one of the most painful things to go through. Why should you determine whether people should go through immense pain or not, when you will never experience that. Not only this, but most people seeking abortions don’t just have sex and don’t want to deal with a baby. They may be young and didn’t get the proper education due to it being a purely abstinence based system. They may also be in poverty. Would you want to support a system that brings kids into poverty, neglect, and despair? Also, this is something for our country. We may not all agree on one single system, but we still will support this country. We are United States, not the Christian, Atheist, Jewish, and Muslim states of America. It is everyone’s duty, as citizens to support each other.

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