Do you ever feel like you’re not free to do what you truly wish to do? You’re not a bad person; you don’t want to do bad things. You just want to be you, but you can’t; why not?

Maybe there’s a law against it.

But if you want to…

Labor is only another word for value. Money is yet another word for value. Value is traded for value, but only when the trade benefits both parties.

You are a small business owner.

You may not realize this. You don’t advertise, you rent no office, and you don’t have employees. Yet, if you earn money by doing work, you are a business owner. Your product is you.

This idea may seem far-fetched to those used to the…

Timothy Fry

Tim loves pioneering uncharted territory in the confluence between technology and how people approach work, as well as meeting new people who create opportunity

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