Azusa Now-What Just Happened???

April 9th: Christian, Louie and I are making our way to Los Angeles via the train systems to go and be a part of something huge God is doing. Matter of fact, Christian and I had literally come to LA just a few days earlier believing with great faith for what God would do at Azusa Now and hoping to catch even a small piece of that for ourselves. Now it is the morning of Azusa. We are making our way there through different trains and buses. Walking blocks and blocks not having gotten any sleep during the night but leaving the last night of the Power and Love conference in Pasadena and heading straight for Los Angeles. Finally arriving to the Los Angeles Coliseum at 3:30 in the morning, it’s as if God was making the way. Other gates had lines of people backed up and the line for vehicles wanting to park was a mile long (literally). But after speaking to a guard there was one specific gate, Gate 19, where no one was yet lined up. It was the backside of the building and we sat down for a rest as first in line. It wasn’t long before tons and tons of people began lining up as well realizing that this gate was also open. Our line ended up wrapping around the street corner as well about a football field in length. Our second huge blessing came when a friend of ours, whom we met the first day in Los Angeles, was able to sign up and get field access. While she was signing up she remembered us and signed us up too! This put us ON THE FIELD and we ended up getting FRONT ROW and on God TV SEVERAL times! Although, it being televised was a far away thought to us … Wow! What a HUGE blessing!

The day kicked off with AMAZING hymns as we strolled straight to the front taking privilege due to my “disability”. Haha! I always do that purposely because while I have it then I’ll use it! Right!?? As the meeting went on there was great repentance and focused prayer happening. Prayer of repentance towards the Native American people who we have broken covenant with and also towards African Americans. Alternatively, forgiveness was released by the Uncle of Michael Brown! One moment that was truly jaw dropping was watching a Catholic priest, who has authority of 150 Million Catholics, entreat and then repent to Lou Engle for division in the body of Christ and lay down to kiss his feet for several minutes! What a HOLY moment as a believer! Lou then made a true leadership move and returned the gesture calling the elders over and laying down himself to kiss the priests feet. As worship and prayer continued (and also intensified) there were symbolic representations like a cross and stones carried by hand. The cross was then set up after the foundation of stones were laid. The day drew on and Christian and I felt as if we were on a spiritual high. Not only because of the event and everything taking place but also because we had gotten literally no sleep. But God gave us grace and we were able to persevere!

Countless people came forward to pray for me and my healing. Many I had to turn away after their prayers began because they would turn it into something it wasn’t like I needed deliverance, had unforgiveness, or was under some type of “spiritual” self binding disagreement. As much as it hurt to stop them and give them the “bad news” that they were prophetically off I knew I had to do so. Some were respectful immediately and apologized while others gave me grief, preserving their ego, and leaving me as “in the wrong”. I would just brush it off and move forward and as I did I could feel myself growing in God. Before, I would NEVER stop someone in the midst of praying nor would I stand up for myself, but this day I did, in a respectful way of course, and had root enough in myself to declare “I have no such thing!” Before I just never knew who I was though so of course, maybe they saw something and maybe I did have something because who knows and maybe this and maybe that!?? Nonsense!!! Something was happening to me that day! And had been during that trip!

One true moment I felt a shift happen as I left our front and center stage position to go use the restroom. A man approached me saying he had seen me at other Todd White events and wanted to bless me. He pulls his wallet out as we walked and hands me two crispy $100 bills! Wow! Knowing Christian and I came on the trip with NO MONEY, a single pair of clothes, and tooth brush and deodorant ONLY God knows this was greatly welcomed! He then asked to pray for me and I obviously couldn’t say no. He knelt down but as he did people began swarming us. There was a point where around 50 people were surrounding us as they all laid hands on me for healing. They prayed for me for almost 20 minutes and we had what I call a defining moment during that time. A lady wanted to reassure me that “they weren’t praying just for a testimony”. But I spoke up feeling I had to. “This is a big deal though! People don’t know that Jesus has the power to forgive sins unless He heals the paralytic!” I pointed to them quoting “So that you may know the Son of Man has power to forgive sins” and continued “He healed the paralytic!!!” I then pointed out to the crowd as if I were speaking about unbelievers and said “So that they may know He has the power to forgive sins! That’s what this is about for me!” This stirred their prayers in such a powerful way and as this moment and prayer for me came to a close a few minutes later and I thanked everyone, and continued to the restroom. As I left the crowd and rolled away I realized something had indeed happened. I had been crying hysterically that whole time and putting my faith “out there” but it was for something that was not natural. I spiritually felt an overwhelming sense of joy and giggled and smiled at people as I made my way to the restroom. At the same time I could spiritually feel an ever so subtle shift inside of me. The only way I can explain it is that it’s like a river that has cut its’ way through a country but now because of a turn of events the river has turned and cut a new path. The shift was indeed subtle but carried great power!

Azusa was, by far, a trip worth taking by Christian and me and if you asked either of us then we would do it by faith again 100 times over! We NEED to give God an avenue (and the widest avenue) to show us how to truly live by faith and see His provision or we will always have belief systems of dead faith with no action. The only time we didn’t have a place to sleep is when we elected not to sleep the night before Azusa. The only meal we missed was because we did not open up about the fact that we had nothing of which to buy our food with. Our substance came from our weakness! When others asked to go out and eat we would share “oh we came with nothing” and open up about our trip and then they would immediately speak up “we were going to take care of you anyhow!” or someone would speak up and say “oh I’ll get you!” People were eager as all get out to be a blessing to us. We did our part when we would go out everyday during the Power and Love conference as leaders to step out since we had confidence in hearing God’s voice for others and praying for healings. We truly saw God do some amazing things! Our leadership and ministry seemed to be our “work” and “even trade” for lodging and food. God was SO faithful on both sides of that avenue!

Be encouraged by this testimony! Allow it to stir you up and even give you permission to step out and experience the same! After all, Jesus did send out the 12 this way in Matthew 10 and also the 70 in Luke 10! There are great rewards awaiting your journeys. Things going well or even disastrous are only invaluable experiences for the sake of maturing in the gospel of Christ. You may never do it again so why not do it now…?