“Out of the Pit” by Timothy Determan

For those of you who do not know me my name is Timothy Determan. For the sake of time and keeping things convenient I will leave the introduction brief and to the point. I was born in Winter Haven, FL and raised my whole life in Lakeland, FL. Lakeland has been all I have ever known for 25 years. Not long after my 25th birthday I was set to be married to the woman God had strategically placed in my life…but…things did not go as planned. And, in true spectacular fashion, the wedding was called off only 2 weeks before it would take place.

For a young man who has given so much of his life to Christ in so many areas, this was a hard pill to swallow. The next several weeks I began the roller coaster ride of emotions and instability while seeking God for “the peace that passes understanding”. This incident had truly placed a battle inside my heart that needed a victory coming from God and no one else. I NEEDED His intervention in my life, not only for peace, but also for personal issues as well. For years I had been battling with past demons and now there was such a rift inside of me that I felt unable to sustain myself as a person and much less as a true follower of Jesus Christ. My faith was taking a hit all the way down to my character. What I found in the weeks that followed was that I had never learned to persevere in trials. According to Romans 5:3–4…it takes perseverance in order to build character. God began shifting my perspective and I made perseverance a pillar in my life. Perseverance became an obsession! And rightfully so!

Now with the proper foundation I was able to overcome. I began utilizing this new gift of perseverance in my everyday life when it came to “hard times” using scriptures and keeping the mindset of “it doesn’t matter how long it takes…I absolutely won’t quit until this is over and done.” I used this in the recent break up but MORE SO in the thoughts that would come in my mind and the feelings that would sometimes overtake me. The break up became secondary to the reality of winning “the battlefield of the mind.” As time progressed I found that my mind was being transformed into the mind of Christ. I also found that my body became more of a temple than it ever was before. I had begun to do exactly what Paul spoke of in 1st Corinthians 13:11 “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put away childish things.”

I was finally moving forward into what God had for me as a son. During the next few months I would hear a message that would impact me in a great way. An evangelist named Nathan Morris who is known for his very charismatic yet fiery preaching of the blood of Jesus had grabbed my attention. He was preaching a message about the call of God coming over Elisha and how Elijah, after putting his mantle over Elisha and whisking it away had then led Elisha through Gilgal and into Bethel. These towns are symbolic in nature because of their name meaning. Gilgal means “breaking of the yoke” and Bethel means “House of God”. Before Elisha could receive the mantle, he first had to have the “yoke” broken in his life.

To obtain a better perspective here is the video I am referring to: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=52e_tn0fvxM

Watch from 1:47:00 to 1:55:00

Right as the 1:55:00 time is coming to a close he says “The anointing breaks the yoke”. This phrase was very much familiar to me! My father would quote this verse regularly whenever talking about any type of bondage or oppression someone may be living under. I continued working at the call center job the Lord placed me in and now focused on praying for this “breaking of the yoke”. Doing my part involved breaking old mindsets and replacing them with God’s word from the foundation of perseverance. Perseverance was becoming an obsession now and it was paying off. Whenever any type of thought would come inside my mind I would immediately cut it off, speak scripture and pray to God. My temporary position of my job and the weeks of perseverance were flying by, and the more I broke mindsets, the more I experienced FREEDOM than I ever had before. It was indeed weeks and months in the making but it was worth every moment. I found myself having more of my life surrendered to God, not just outwardly, but my whole being! My inward man and his thoughts dictated my outward man and his actions! There were times when a seducing spirit would come over my body in such an inviting way, calling me into participating in the temptation, and when it would bring the accompanying thoughts, then those were the things that thrust me into sin…which in times past is when I would relent and give in. But now there was no such thing! I was obsessed with obtaining the mind of Christ and had perseverance as a pillar in my heart to do so!

As these last few weeks at my job came to a close my prayer began to change. I began praying that the Lord would anoint me. I don’t know why this prayer came out of my heart but it did. God had already been speaking to me before attending this conference saying “It’s as easy as 1–2–3” … which was actually part of a prophetic word a 3 year old girl had given me 2 years before that God has stirred back up in my heart. God speaks through numbers, patterns, and parallels and I have locked onto much of this the past few years of my life. Now, a “random” invite to a conference by a friend turned out to be exceedingly fruitful. I was invited to “The Eleven Conference” in Pompano Beach at The Harbour Church. I was greatly touched by the ministers, worship, and just over all culture of the church. They have a community of believers who are hungry for the deeper things of God. After the Sunday service I watched as several were just open to hearing from God for our server and sharing what God had placed on their heart for him. The leadership greatly encouraged a prophetic atmosphere and the laying on of hands. The first day I attended the conference was 1/23 and I knew it was a confirmation, at least for me to have attended. The weekend came to a close and as the next few days went by the Lord made it clear that this was one of those “steps” into what He had for me. SO…I took it. What came next will surprise you. In my next post named “A True Anointing” I will describe in detail what the Lord has done. Thank you for reading and please stay connected with me so we can encourage each other and progress forward in our walk with God together. I share my life with you for the sake of imparting what I have “received freely” into your life as well. God shows now partiality. What He does for one He will do for ALL. Go after perseverance!

This post is dedicated to my cousin in law Joe Lampe who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Please say a simple 5 to 10 second prayer for nothing other than his supernatural healing. Thank you! To Christ be the glory…