For The Record, Jill Stein Would Have Made A Great President
Caitlin Johnstone

Please stop using the slur “vagina hat wearing…”. Million women’s march had nothing to do with Hillary, she didn’t even show up. I really think it was a spontaneous reaction to having watched the Billy Bush tape on repeat under the assumption that it would certainly make a VERY gross man unelectable, only to have actual vomit rise in our throats when on the whole we were proved wrong. I say WE because I do not feel the need to “punch left”, which is actually what you’re doing when you go after mass gatherings of mostly progressive VOTERS. I’ve stood beside your writing for months now. I’ve found it very helpful while struggling through a politically induced depression. I’m with you on 80–90 percent of issues, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courageous work. However, you are somehow missing the point about those pink hats. I’m sure its to some degree a reaction to having been attacked by people that wore those hats for having and expressing such a clear-eyed view of HRC, but honestly, grow up. You know the real cause of this mess has NOTHING to do with voters, least of all with strongly convicted feminists. Yes, many of them stood behind a terrifyingly corrupt war criminal, and are strangely still clinging to her after their loss, but isn’t disillusionment a huge part of what me must fight against. I’ve actually been working really hard to push the lefties in my life away from a blind faith in the Democrats, and you’re articles have certainly helped with that, but I cannot share an artical containing an unfounded vitriolic attack on a mostly PROGRESSIVE gathering that was attended by MY friends, family, and former lovers. Million Women’s March made me cry, not because HRC lost the election, but because women standing together is a VERY powerful thing. Now if you were actually fighting for a change in USA policy (which I would love to think you are) wouldn’t you want those “pussy hat wearing” voters on the side of progress?

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