You Can’t Handle Truth
Mark Inman, Ph.D.

Great article!

In fact it’s not the News Media anymore, and it hasn’t been, since some time before the shift to calling it “Infotainment Media”, began.

Within the Infotainment Media system, verifiable, empirical truth is the enemy, and actual journalistic research is a dangerous and offensive weapon, which threatens the very means, methods and objectives of the system and its administrators.

That system has been built to enhance the media’s ability to propagate lies and pass them off as truths, as a means of consensus based reality management.

It makes it virtually impossible for its viewers to think for themselves or to distinguish between truth and fallacy, by redefining the paradigm of discussion, and thereby, eliminating all credible opposition.

It takes bold advantage, of viewers’ natural tendency to suspend all sense of disbelief, and to simply accept whatever is being pandered to them, as an objective truth.

In other words, they have to believe it. It HAS to be true, because they saw it on television.

The reason why we see so little in the way of objective, investigative journalism, is because the media has been charged with the responsibility of destroying its viewers natural tendency to ask probative questions and expect substantive answers.

This, in turn, is intended to foster and promote intellectual laziness among its viewers, and perhaps above all, to prevent any disruption to the endless feedback loop, of fake news stories, produced by political action agencies, which are designed to fill out the broadcast schedules with calculated lies.

By these methods, they prevent objective truth from ever being heard, while inundating its viewers with a shit storm of offensive ordinance and achieve the ultimate objective, cognitive dissonance.

The end game is to shock and awe the viewers into shutting up, and sitting down, and doing, what the tell-lie-vision has told them to do.

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