research is now showing that your body, even your posture, directly influences your mind and emotions
2 Quotes That Will Reshape Your Approach To Life
Benjamin P. Hardy

Nope, research is showing that powerposing has zero (0) effect on the body, and may even lower confidence (in at least on pre-registered study). It’s showing that researchers we have to be able to trust selectively submit studies that work, and media selectively cover these chance results, bathing them in hyperbole. metascience (studies of how science is doing) tell us that were mostly producing feel-good “solutions” that don’t work, and leave gullible audiences out of pocket. Note the more honest Socrates didn’t promise his student change: just pointed out the problem lay within. That’s why his advice has lasted 2-millenia while current social science doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. It’s sad, to be honest.

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