Mar 11, 2018 · 3 min read

Getting a new bong can come down to a lot of factors in actuality, you might have grown sick of cleaning your bong or you just have a nagging need to upgrade or you have some spare change. Or you are already happy with the current bong you have, but there is nothing wrong with your bong getting a new partner. Two things are for certain, getting a new bong would get you a new high and you will be faced with a lot of choices and properties to choose the ‘perfect’ bong you can.

A lot of varieties will stare you in the face in this situation. Different materials that include glass, acrylic and plastic, ceramic and wood (or bamboo as the case may be). Glass is the most populous; you really can’t go wrong with glass. Plastic bongs are quite cheaper than the others yet they remain effective, ceramic has beautiful designs and aesthetics, bamboos possess style while maintaining durability. Basically, each material has specific properties it excels at, and you making a decision are quite dependent on your personal and individual preference.

When you eventually choose your desired features and you can make an educated pick on the bong that best suits your needs, you should simply visit an online bong shop that provides a variety of finely designed and aesthetically pleasing bongs. But first, how do you choose a great bong?

You should ask yourself what you want to use it for. Although, we all know that answer but what kind of environment would it be used in, how frequently would it be used, is it a personal bong, how important are technicalities to you and how do you plan on cleaning your bong? Questions like this should greatly influence the eventual choice that you make.

Another factor to look at is your lung capacity, a bong with excessive percolators will burn faster and fill your lungs quicker, well, and we need to also factor in the height of the bong in this situation. If you never get to fill up the chamber while you smoke, maybe you are not using your bong to full capacity and if you can’t clear a full bong in one hit, you are shortchanging yourself with less than great smoke.

Bigger isn’t always better, all these factors are vital when choosing a great bong tailored to your taste. Just visit a good headshop online, go through their bongs and make your choice. It is always worth it.