Our style says a lot about us. It can be as small as a staple haircut, a beard or just our expression. And it can also be more sophisticated in a tie, a type or shirt, and a watch.

A watch is an integral part of a man’s dressing, as subtle as it is….. A real watch screams style.

An example is a BLACK WOOD watch which is a watch of Personal Luxury (that means every piece is unique to the buyer). Both light and comfortable to use, it is a favourite among watch enthusiasts. Be aware; a watch does not need to be changed like other forms of apparel, that means your watch is an investment and is a piece that must be wisely chosen.

But how do you do this? There are a lot of watch jargon flying around. And with these expensive brand names, there is a difficulty in telling which is real or which is fake. It is all just so exasperating.

The evolution of watches has stemmed from the need to tell time. From the time stick which used the rotation of the sun to the Waterclock and the mechanical clock and so on. The pocket watch was the last investment before the wristwatch came into prominence and they’ve just increased in quality since then.

You must have heard words like Mechanical or Quartz if you have browsed around for a wristwatch. But not to worry, they are not that difficult, mechanical simply means it uses a coiled spring and slowly unwinds to release energy. It can be coiled manually or self-wound.

The Quartz, on the other hand, is an improvement on this, as it replaces the mechanical process with the use of a battery. The battery simply transfers an electrical current to the quartz crystal, charges it and causes it to vibrate more than 30 thousand times in a second. This vibration causes the movement you see.

The last type of watch, which is technically not a movement style, is the smartwatch. The smartwatch isn’t just a watch anymore; it is a device that is capable of activities like checking the weather, making calls out of many others.

But your watch is a statement on its own, from the mechanical to the quartz and the smartwatch. A wise choice comes with great knowledge.