When the earth revolts against the many atrocities committed against it, the vulnerable locations will suffer first, and the most. Such may be described as the case of Dominica; that has been ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

Natural disasters are distasteful enough, but the impact is always worse on susceptible locations. Far from living up to its popular appellation as the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica currently has been shattered by the hurricane. The streets are flooded, and the humans displaced and are crying in need of many things. For a nation that depends on tourism and agriculture, a record of natural disaster is a big blow to their economy. More importantly, the people who have been displaced would need beyond our verbal wishes and assurance to stay strong; they need your assistance in every way possible.

Dominicans are currently in dire need of potable water, food, medical supplies, water supply, and many other things that are relevant in daily lives. You might be wondering how you can get some other things across to us, but you can check our website for the best and most appropriate method.

Funds generated are from the crowd funding platforms, approved charities, and established international aid agencies. Donations can as well be made to this sites using the links provided on our site. Human lives are precious and helping them recover from Hurricane Maria is an ultimate sacrifice we can make to ensure life has a meaning to them.

The wants of a victim of the hurricane may span through what one would rather call mundane in an undisturbed environment. These people need us better now than ever. Our money and other resources we make available will not only go a long way in providing relief for displaced people, but it will also show them that humanity is still true to its cause of brotherhood.

Wherever you are, whatever you think you can do through us should be done, because it’s all assured to reach a suitable target that will always have belief in humanity. Precious lives are endangered; please let us make them smile again.