The Innovative Minds Pushing the capabilities of VR

Oct 21, 2017 · 2 min read

VR, in recent time, has continued to defy expectations. Relentlessly bridging the gap between our imagination and reality (because deep down, that is the main aim of technology, to physically manifest our dreams in the real world).

The Trailblazers behind the Districts software have opened the world of VR to much larger possibilities than hyper-realistic and immersion video games. They have opened up a door to a more imaginative space with the use of the Districts Visual Studio which is a technology powered by unreal engine and based off of Blockchain Technology (for its security) and a Cryptocurrency called 3DCoin (For its power).

Districts are completely decentralized few exempted parts; it is a peer to peer form of reality that delivers a new dimension to online classes where it is possible to perform practical classes with life-sized models built by the user. Imagine learning about astronomy and having access to assess and examine a full-scale space shuttle?

Its benefits do not end there, it is also extremely beneficial to marketers and real estate agents, enabling users to interact with fully furnished house models to see if it’s what they would buy. This makes it easy to display your product in different lights and environs of your choosing.

This leap in advancement is to the advantage of humans as a species. This leap in technology will ease us into the next phase of immersion reality beyond sight and sound. Now we can work towards attaining touch or even smell in our virtual reality.

The uses and importance of VR in our modern day society continue to expand, and sooner than later, it will be completely imbued into our living.

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