The violin is a majestic instrument that has the advantage of being played both softly and fiercely, baring the ability to swing between extremes in moods while keeping the listener engrossed and completely serenaded.

With this flexibility in range, the violin is a great instrument for both solemn and romantic events like the wedding and also the hyped up, high atmosphere events like the night parties. In fact, a talented Violinist, Asherlaub has found success and made a name for himself as being a DJ and Violinist for hire, playing on numerous occasions with a huge social media and online following, if you ever want a DJ or a Violinist at your party, he’s your guy. He plays the electric violin.

Have you heard about the electric violin? Well, it is still like the acoustic violin… just…. more electric. Learning to play the electric violin is very similar to its acoustic counterpart with a few notable differences. Almost all the acoustic violins are tuned and shaped the same way. The electric violins, on the other hand, come in different shapes and varieties, like the 4-string, 5-string, 7- string and others have the upper bout removed to make it easier for you to play the instrument in a vantage position.

Although there are different kinds of violins by a variety of distinguished manufacturers, a lot of them do not just sound good. A good electric violin should be a solid body model. In other words, it should have no hollow or resonating chamber and should produce little to no sound whenever it is not plugged in. You can also make an electric violin by replacing the bridge of your acoustic violin with a piezo pickup that can also serve as a solid body.

The Electric Violin has a higher range than the acoustic Violin, capable of sound manipulation, reverbs. Delays can also be used to enhance the violin tone. Still others add more warmth, depth to your sound and even if you want to distort the sound, it is possible. The electric Violin opens a field of possibilities to the playing of the instrument and is, indeed cutting edge in popular and contemporary music.