Parenting will make you happier!

If you focus on the fun.

The people I care deeply about know me as a fun loving guy. Unfortunately, they also know me as a stressed out worry wart with a tendency for hanger before dinner. We all have our ups and downs throughout the day, but focusing on having the most fun I can with my family has helped me see through the fake haze of stress and get down to the good times.

Focusing on having fun feels like jumping into a cold pool. You get yourself psyched up for the fun and run to put your bathing suit on, but then the hesitation comes following the initial toe in the pool check for temperature. You know you’re going to enjoy the swim. You know your body will get used to the feeling of the water. Still for some reason you hesitate?

Lately I’ve just been jumping in. Literally. I’ve been jumping right in the pool for the fun the kids want to have and then immediately finding I’m having the most fun I’ve had in awhile. In fact, I am having more fun than everyone else. Also, going on walks is a good way to relax and bond the family unit together. Going on walks with a beach ball is all that and then some. A beach ball has to be the most fun you can have for $0.39, hands down.

So that’s just it. If you focus yourself on having the best possible time you can, then everyone else around you will likely follow suit. A word for the wise though. Do not wait around to judge the fun others are having. That is a sure fire way to add disappointment. You shouldn’t be trying to make other people have fun. Allow yourself to break through your scuzzy stressful demeanor and relax. You are sure to find the important people around you will follow your lead.

Here’s to you and I having more FUN,


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