Wil Wheaton shared this on twitter, that’s why I ended up here.
Josepha Kalsbeek

I think there are a lot of Americans who don’t get it either. However, we also have a huge part of the population that decides to simply abstain from the decision if no option inspires them…so we had a very low voter turnout. We’re a nation drowning in information as we continue to starve for perspective and somehow an astounding portion of the population believed the defects in the two candidates were somehow equivalent. An equally large group seems to think that any policy that isn’t implicitly helping them as an individual, at the current moment, in their local circumstances, is a liberal communist plot. Trump won by simply grabbing the loose threads and just yanking until the American collective sweater unravels. Repairing an American sense of unity may take a generation or more depending on the idiocracy Trump enlists for his government. Worst of all, I suspect he’s only now realizing that creating policy is a lot tougher than just repeating ‘tremendous’ and ‘bigly’ all the time. Too many Americans can’t process political ideas too nuanced to fit on a bumper sticker…and that’s a problem.